The Bag To Nature Advantage

Eliminate the YUCK factor and save money by using a compostable bag that does not tear, sweat or break apart. Have confidence doing your part for the environment with Bag To Nature compostable bags certified by BPI.

Our mission and success has been built on providing the strongest most reliable compostable bag on the market. Through innovation, research and development, the team at Indaco Manufacturing Ltd. is very proud to offer Bag To Nature 100% compostable bags and we thank you for using our products.

Bag To Nature ranges in size from small kitchen bin bags to large cart liners and is available both in retail and bulk packages. Please contact our offices for bulk pricing.

Bag To Nature small kitchen bag- value pack

Bag To Nature small kitchen bag- value pack

Bag To Nature compost bags eliminates the YUCK factor in food scrap collection

Certified 100% compostable, approved for use in most organics collection programs

Extra strength- Doesn't sweat or leak and won't fall apart before it gets to the curb

Bags measure 17x16 in / 43.2x40.6 cm Perfect fit for counter top bins.

100 bags per box