About us

Indaco Manufacturing has been producing biodegradable film since the late 80’s. This vast amount of experience resulted in the development of Bag To Nature which coordinated with the rapid growth of municipal compost collection programs. Bag To Nature™ is made from our proprietary blend of biodegradable polymers that are certified to ASTM D6400-12 standard as biodegradable and compostable. Indaco Manufacturing Ltd. produces, markets and distributes our own biodegradable compostable products under the trade name Bag To Nature™.

Bag To Nature™ offers accelerated biodegradation, turning waste into compost for faster introduction back into the environment. Our bags and liners are constructed from a special blend of biopolymers that maintain strength and leak resistance while in use at home, but degrade when introduced into an active compost environment converting to carbon dioxide, water and biomass within a few weeks, leaving behind no harmful residues or toxins.